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How to Solve Multiple Choice Questions of UGC NET Examination Conducted by NTA

What is Multiple Choice Questions?: A multiple choice question is one in which a student chooses one answer from a number of choices supplied. UGC NET Multiple choice exams ask a student to recognize a correct answer among a set of options that include 3 wrong answers (called distracters), rather than asking the student to produce a correct answer entirely from his/her own mind.

Why Multiple Choice Questions are Asked?:Multiple choice question are asked to test the objective knowledge of the student.

How to Solve Multiple Choice Questions?:The following steps will help you to solve the multiple choice questions-

Step 1: Find out the Answer in Your Own: Always cover up the possible responses with a piece of paper or with your hand while you read the body of the question. Try to anticipate the correct response before you are distracted by seeing the options that the question paper provides. Then, uncover the responses. If you see the response that you anticipated, circle it and then check to be sure that none of the other responses is better.

Step 2: Evaluate the Answers: Evaluate each of the answers give in the question paper in the light of the question you are being asked. Tally it with your own answer to be double sure.

Step 3: Eliminate Each Wrong Answer: As you go, you will find some wrong answers. Eliminate those wrong answers and in the process of elimination you can arrived at the right answers. Be double sure that the answers you’re given match the question you have been asked and select the proper and only the proper choice(s).

Step 4: If all Fails Try Like a Graduate: Sometimes after elimination of wrong answers, you can still have two answers left or maybe three or maybe four. In such cases quickly look into the question paper. The answer to one question is sometimes given away in another question. Otherwise try to find out the connections from the questions or/and answers to something you already know and based on that make a guess. Before trying guess, know if you are penalized for guessing. Guess when there is no penalty. Remember in the UGC NET Examination as there is no negative mark, it is better to choose and possibly be right than to leave blank and not have any chance at all.

Step 5: Mark the Circle Completely and Carefully: Take the time to check your answers before you hand in the answer sheet. A multiple choice exam offers you no opportunity for partial credit it can be only “0” or “1”; or “Off” and “On” or “Right” or “Wrong. If you filled the wrong bubble, your answer is 100% wrong. So, be sure that you have filled the appropriate bubbles carefully with a Black Ball Point Pen only. Human will probably never take a close look at your answer sheet, so if you fail to fill in bubbles completely or if you make stray marks, the computer will not be able to offer a mark for the same and thus you will be penalized for not being careful.

Example 1: We don’t feel the need to provide an example of multiple choice questions as they are purely based on your knowledge on the subject and there is no tricks involved.
How to Solve Multiple Choice Question: Video 1
How to Solve Multiple Choice Question: Video 2
How to Solve Multiple Choice Question: Video 3
How to Solve Multiple Choice Question: Video 4
Test Your Knowledge: The benchmark test is test of evaluating yourself by going through a set of prescribed questionnaire. The aim of this benchmark test is to determine your chances of qualifying the UGC NET Examination. It will help you to know your own weak areas or question type so that you can give more emphasis on it to improve further. Now that you know how to solve multiple choice questions try the mock test. These questions are similar to the ones that were on the UGC NET Examination test. Kindly attempt the following questions without taking help from any other sources. If you able to score 14 or more in each of the series of questions, then there are chances of qualifying the UGC NET Examination. If you get lower than what is mentioned, you have to devote more time on those types of questions. After attempting the benchmark test post your score as comment below.

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