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J. Aitchison: Thesaurofacet introduced by J. Aitchison in the form of “The thesaurofacet : a multipurpose retrieval language tool” first published in the Journal of Documentation, 26 (3) 1970 as the combination of a faceted classification and a thesaurus. 2006-J-P-II-Q-39, 2006-D-P-II-Q-35, 2011-D-P-II-Q-5, 2016-J-P-II-Q-38

J. R. Sharp: J. R. Sharp developed Selective Listing in Combination (SLIC) indexing in 1966. 2009-D-P-II-Q-42, 2012-J-P-III-Q-71

Jack Dorsey: Jack Dorsey (November 19, 1976 - ) is an American best computer programmer and entrepreneur widely known as a co-founder and CEO of Twitter, which was created in 2006.

Jacob Levy Moreno: Jacob Levy Moreno (May 18, 1889 – May 14, 1974) was an Austrian-American leading psychiatrist and psychosociologist, thinker and educator, the founder of psychodrama, and the foremost pioneer of group psychotherapy. Sociometry was developed by psychotherapist Jacob L. Moreno in his studies of the relationship between social structures and psychological well-being and published in the book "Sociometry and the Cultural Order", 1943. Sociometry is a quantitative method for measuring social relationships. 2012-J-P-III-Q-63

James Duff Brown: James Duff Brown (1862–1914) was a British librarian, information theorist, music biographer and educationalist. He devised three classification systems: Quinn/Brown (1898), Adjustable classification (1898) and Subject Classification (1906). 2005-J-P-II-Q-29, 2006-J-P-II-Q-31, 2006-D-P-II-Q-35, 2007-J-P-II-Q-38, 2010-J-P-II-Q-41, 2011-J-P-II-Q-42, 2016-J-P-II-Q-38

James E. Kelley: Critical Path Method (CPM) is an algorithm for scheduling a set of project activities developed in the late 1950s by Morgan R. Walker of DuPont and James E. Kelley, Jr. of Remington Rand.

James I Wyer: James I Wyer proposed three theories of reference service i.e conservative, moderate and liberal in 1930. Conservative includes giving occasional personal assistance to the inexperienced and bewildered reader. The moderate reference service goes beyond providing mere instruction to actually helping the reader in using the book or finding the document and facts, etc. The liberal includes the provision of the full and direct supply of reliable information to the readers. 2009-D-P-II-Q-7, 2013-D-P-II-Q-28, 2016-J-P-III-Q-5

James Krikelas: The first model for study of information-seeking behavior in the general population was developed by James Krikelas in 1983 and put it in "Information Seeking Behavior: Patterns and Concepts". This model suggested that the steps of information seeking were as follows: (1) perceiving a need, (2) the search itself, (3) finding the information, and (4) using the information, which results in either satisfaction or dissatisfaction. 2015-J-P-II-Q-23

Jason Farradane: Jason Farradane (29 September 1906 – 27 June 1989) was a Polish-born British librarian. He introduced the concept of Relational Indexing in 1966 in the book "Information Retrieval by Relational Indexing: a report on research being carried out at Northampton College of Advanced Technology." 2006-J-P-II-Q-39, 2012-D-P-III-Q-70

Jean Key Gates: Popular Works of Jean Key Gates includes - Guide to the Use of Books and Libraries (1962). 2012-D-P-II-Q-36

Jean-Claude Gardin: Jean-Claude Gardin (3 April 1925 - 8 April 2013) is a archaeologist. He wrote the book Syntagmatic Organization of Language (SYNTOL), an automated operating system archaeological method that systematize the methods of analysis and classification of documentary science in 1963.

Jesse H. Shera: Jesse H. Shera (1903-1982) wrote the book "The Foundations of Education for Librarianship" in 1972. 2008-J-P-II-Q-38

Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales: Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales (August 7, 1966 - ) is an American Internet entrepreneur. Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales and Lawrence Mark "Larry" Sanger launched Wikipedia on January 15, 2001. 2014-D-P-III-Q-15

John Adam Presper "Pres" Eckert Jr.: John Adam Presper "Pres" Eckert, Jr. (April 9, 1919 – June 3, 1995) was an American electrical engineer and computer pioneer. With John William Mauchly he invented the first general-purpose electronic digital computer Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer (ENIAC), presented the first course in computing topics (the Moore School Lectures), and designed the first commercial computer in the U.S., the UNIVersal Automatic Computer I (UNIVAC I). 2009-D-P-II-Q-32

John Benjamin Dancer: John Benjamin Dancer (8 October 1812 – 24 November 1887) was a British scientific instrument maker and inventor of microphotography. 2005-J-P-II-Q-16

John Cotton Dana: John Cotton Dana (August 19, 1856 - July 21, 1929) was an American library and museum director who sought to make these cultural institutions relevant to the daily lives of citizens. The Newark Charging System was introduced in the Public Library of Newark of New Jersey State, United States of America in the year 1900 when John Cotton Dana was the Librarian of this library. 2012-J-P-III-Q-70, 2016-J-P-II-Q-39

John Laing: Samual Halkett and John Laing authored "Dictionary of Anonymous and Pseudonymus English Literature" (1926). 2012-J-P-III-Q-74

John Macfarlane: John Macfarlane was appointed the first Librarian of the Imperial Library which was formally opened to the public on 30 January 1903 at Metcalf Hall, Kolkata. 2013-D-P-II-Q-3

John William Mauchly: John William Mauchly (August 30, 1907 – January 8, 1980) was an American physicist who, along with John Adam Presper "Pres" Eckert, Jr., designed Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer (ENIAC), the first general purpose electronic digital computer, as well as Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer (EDVAC), Binary Automatic Computer (BINAC) and UNIVersal Automatic Computer I (UNIVAC I), the first commercial computer made in the United States. 2009-D-P-II-Q-32

Jorge Eduardo Hirsch: Jorge Eduardo Hirsch (born 1953) is an Argentine American professor of physics at the University of California, San Diego. He is known for inventing the h-index in 2005, an index for quantifying a scientist's publication productivity and the basis of several scholar indices. The h-index is an author-level metric that attempts to measure both the productivity and citation impact of the publications of a scientist or scholar.

Jorn Barger: Jorn Barger (1953 - ) is an American blogger, best known for coining the term "weblog" to describe the process of "logging the web" as he surfed in 1997. 2015-J-P-III-Q-53

Joseph D. Becker: Joseph D. Becker is one of the co-founders of the Unicode project, which was started in 1987 and an Officer Emeritus of the Unicode Consortium. 2013-D-P-III-Q-53

Joseph Moses Juran: Joseph Moses Juran (December 24, 1904 – February 28, 2008) was a Romanian-born American engineer and management consultant. The TQM effort builds on the pioneering work of Dr. William Edwards Deming, Dr. Joseph Moses Juran, and others, and benefits from both private and public sector experience with continuous process improvement. Joseph M. Juran suggested the Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) and it states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. The name Pareto was given after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto by Joseph M. Juran himself. The Juran Trilogy® is made up of three important managerial tools that work together to help organizations realize the full benefits of Quality Management in the pursuit of Quality Leadership. Dr. Juran’s Trilogy represents the concepts of Quality Planning, Quality Control, and Quality Improvement.
Popular Books of Joseph Moses Juran includes - Quality Control Handbook, 1951. 2006-J-P-II-Q-32, 2008-D-P-II-Q-10, 2013-S-P-II-Q-32, 2013-D-P-II-Q-29

Julius Otto Kaiser: Julius Otto Kaiser (1868–1927), a special librarian and indexer of technical literature, developed a method of knowledge organization (KO) known as systematic indexing in 1911. In Systematic Indexing, he develop the idea of Concrete and Process - words can be categorised into Concrete and Process and can be arranged in the order of Concrete — Process. 2010-D-P-II-Q-42, 2011-D-P-II-Q-11, 2012-J-P-III-Q-71, 2014-D-P-II-Q-42, 2015-D-P-II-Q-35

Badan BarmanDr. Badan Barman at present working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Library and Information Science, Gauhati University, Guwahati-781014, Assam, India. He is the creator of the LIS Links ( - India’s most popular social networking website for Library and Information Science professionals. He also created the Open Access Journals Search Engine (OAJSE) (, UGC NET Guide (, Assam Archive ( and LIS Study ( website.

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