NTA UGC NET JRF Quiz and Mock Test on Reading Comprehension Question

In reading comprehension question type / paragraph questions of Library and Information Science, one or more paragraph are provided to the students to read and comprehend and based on that paragraph a few questions are asked. Paragraph question of LIS is entirely multiple choices, with each comprehension question having four possible answers with only one being the correct one. Paragraph questions are also known as Reading Comprehension Tests Paragraph / comprehend test. Types of questions in the Paragraph Comprehension test include: deductive questions, aim of the paragraph and vocabulary questions.

The paragraph questions are asked to measure your ability to understand what you read. The questions test your understanding of the whole passage rather the individual parts. Specific detail questions are based on the supports presented in the reading. Inference questions ask you to draw a logical conclusion from what you read in the passage. The answers to these types of questions are not explicitly stated. Vocabulary questions ask you the meaning of a word or phrase within the context of the passage. Questions about the organization of the passage, the author's point of view, analogy are also asked.

Now that you know about the paragraph questions of Library and Information Science, try the following quizes / mock tests. These questions are similar to the ones that were on the  NTA UGC NET / SET / JRF, KVS, NVS and other competitive examination.

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