NTA UGC NET JRF Quiz and Mock Test on Matching Question

A matching type of question is two lists of related words, phrases, pictures, or symbols. Each item in one list need to be paired with one item in the other list. Matching question may be considered to be a variant of multiple-choice in which more than one choice is correct.

The Matching questions are particularly good at assessing a student's understanding of relationships or used for recognition of relationships and making associations. They can test recall by requiring a student to match the elements.

Library and Information Science related quiz and mock test for matching questions for NTA UGC NET / SET / JRF, KVS, NVS and other competitive examination are given below.

Kindly used your knowledge to solve the following matching questions in the form of quiz or mock test. These questions are similar to the ones that were on the UGC NET Examination test.

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