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In this page, a brief account of the popular people, scientists, documentalists, librarians and thinkers in Library and Information Science (LIS) who have made significant contributions to the subject or profession are given. It will list the inventions / discoveries that have a lasting effect on the subject. In my past, I used to closely monitor the UGC NET Examination Question Papers and based on my knowledge as well as experience as a teacher, I have prepared this material for all the NTA UGC NET examination seekers. If you will go through the text of the “People in Library and Information Science”, you will notice some numbers like 2012-J-P-2-Q-14 and it was represented as YYYY-Month-Paper-PaperNo.-Question-QuestionNo.. It simply means that Question No. 14 of UGC NET Examination 2012 June, Paper 2 is asked from that particular text of the material. You are requested kindly to memorize the facts mentioned in the text from which already questions are asked in the UGC NET Examination. In simple terms, try to memorize the text and facts where you will find such numbers (for example 2012-J-P-2-Q-12) along with sufficient emphasis on other text too from which there might be questions in the upcoming UGC NET examination or in near future.

Badan BarmanBadan Barman at present working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Library and Information Science, Gauhati University, Guwahati-781014, Assam, India. He is the creator of the LIS Links ( - India’s most popular social networking website for Library and Information Science professionals. He also created the UGC NET Guide ( and LIS Study ( website.

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